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2016 Delta
Sienna 35x12 DG CH

2 Bedrooms


Delta Sienna 35x12 2 Bed Static Caravan

The Delta Sienna 2016 is a static caravan model that offers several features for comfortable living. 

  1. The caravan has a modern pan tiled pitched roof

  2. Double Glazing, Which helps with insulation and soundproofing, keeping the interior comfortable and reducing external noise.

  3. Central Heating, ensuring a warm and cosy environment even during colder months.

  4. Modern Decoration and Furniture: The interior of the caravan features modern décor and furniture, providing a contemporary and comfortable living space.

  5. Kitchen and Dining: The caravan features a kitchen and dining area, allowing residents to prepare meals and dine comfortably within the caravan.
  6. Bedrooms: The caravan has two bedrooms, allowing accommodation for multiple occupants or guests.

  7. Wardrobe Storage: Each bedroom includes` wardrobe storage, providing space to keep clothing and personal belongings organized.

Overall, the Delta Sienna 2016 static caravan offers a range of amenities and features to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable living experience.

Available to view at our Waterston Yard

Transport available Nationwide and overseas 

Contact or call 01646 699000 for more information 



Tel: 01646 699 000
Tel: 01646 699 000

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